Use Enketo


These are the options to start using Enketo:

  1. Pick a service that includes Enketo

    Simply pick a tool that has Enketo built-in. This is usually the best option.

  2. Run Enketo yourself

    Enketo is 100% free and open source. Look into installing it yourself and ask for support from other users in the user forum. Consider funding Enketo's further development of new features and fixing of bugs.

  3. Use a paid Enketo-only or custom service

    Consider paying for one of the services that run Enketo for you.

Form Building

Internally, Enketo only understands the ODK XForms format. However, it is highly recommended to build forms using the much easier XLSForm format or an advanced form building application such as the KoBoToolbox form builder.

These tools will produce a valid XForm without the need to understand the very complex XForms format. There are two XForm validator tools available: ODK Validate and Enketo Validate. For test purposes Enketo is hosting them side-by-side on