Why Enketo Smart Paper?

no internet connection
Works offline
smart form logic
Handles skip logic and checks
device and OS agnostic
Cross hardware, cross browser
Printer friendly

Enketo Smart Paper In Action

  • Birds
  • Grid Theme Tutorial
  • Widgets
  • Image Map
  • Fatal Injury
  • Likert Scales
  • Draw widgets
  • S.E.L.F. Study
  • Birds
  • Grid Theme Tutorial
  • Widgets
  • Image Map

Products That Use Enketo

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How to Use Enketo

Want to learn more about the ecosystem Enketo is part of? Read the introduction.

There are 3 ways you can use Enketo:

  1. Pick a service that includes Enketo

    Simply pick a tool that has Enketo Smart Paper built-in. This is usually the best option.

  2. Run Enketo yourself

    Enketo is 100% free and open source. Look into installing it yourself and ask for support from other users in the user forum. Consider funding Enketo's further development of new features and fixing of bugs.

  3. Use a paid Enketo-only or custom service

    Consider paying for one of the services that run Enketo for you.

About Us

The Enketo project is brought to you by open-source contributors and by Enketo LLC with the generous support of its partners and sponsors:

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  • KoBo LoGo
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Enketo LLC is based in Denver, CO (USA). Its mission is to develop advanced offline-capable web tools for people working in conditions where Internet access is intermittent.