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desktops, laptops, mobile devices with different operating systems

Web forms evolved. Deploy and conduct surveys that work without a connection, on any device. No technical know-how needed.

Why Enketo Smart Paper?

no internet connection
Works offline
smart form logic
Handles skip logic and checks
device and OS agnostic
Cross hardware, cross browser
Printer friendly

Enketo Smart Paper In Action»

preview of widgets survey form

Showcases the different available widgets

Author: ODK, Modilabs


preview of SELF study survey form
S.E.L.F. Study

A form with complex skip logic and advanced features

Author: Erwin Olario


How to Get Started»

Never heard of ODK, Ona, SurveyCTO or Formhub?   »   Read this introduction first.


Link your Server with Enketo:

  1. Open an Enketo Account and choose a FREE or paid plan
  2. Link your server by adding its URL in your account
  3. Copy the API token that you'll find in your account
  4. Follow the formhub, ODK Aggregate or SurveyCTO instructions to finalize the integration with your server.

Form Launch:

  1. Upload a form to your server
  2. Click a webform or enketo button to launch it
  3. Share the unique web address of your form with your data collectors

About Us»

The Enketo project is brought to you by Enketo LLC with the generous support of its partners and sponsors:

Enketo LLC is based in Denver, CO (USA). Its mission is to provide advanced offline-capable web tools to people working in conditions were Internet access is intermittent. is a stand-alone application hosted by Enketo LLC for the benefit of services that want to use the latest and greatest version of Enketo without maintaining their own server. A separate free version of Enketo Smart Paper with an unlimited amount of forms is available on and is fully integrated with formhub.